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ADB L2970; G0330; L8262

Complaints Handling Mechanism


The Good Governance Framework, Schedule 5 of the loan agreement, calls for the establishment of a well-defined complaints and remedies mechanism as an important part of project governance monitoring framework. The Complaints Handling Mechanism (CHM), once put in place is envisioned to improve transparency and accountability through enhanced public disclosure and strengthened procurement and financial management. The CHM is designed to strengthen GMS-Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project’s management objectives of effective and efficient project implementation and good governance.

The steps on how to file complaints, how complaints are received, processed, and adjudicated throughout the project implementation duration are enumerated below for reference and guidance of all concerned persons or entities.

Step in CHM Details and Mechanics
Step 1: Disclosure of CHM CHM is posted on the Project website, to allow beneficiaries and other stakeholders to effectively channel any complaints or issues about the Project.
Step 2: Receipt and Registry of Complaints

Complaints Received:

a) The general public can file complaints through:

i) Postal address: The Ministry of Water resources and Meteorology (MOWRAM), No.364, Preah Monivong BLVD, Phsar Deumthkov, Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh

ii) E-mail:

iii) Letter written directly to: the National Project Manager, Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, #364, Preah Monivong BLVD, Phnom Penh

iv) Complaints can be dropped in “Complaints Boxes“ CPMU Office, MOWRAM”

v) Credible information of wrongdoings and corruption may be submitted to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Project Officer, Mr. Long Piseth, Email:

b) In addition, verbal complaints made personally or through telephone calls or anonymous complaints shall also be considered for due verification of their seriousness or validity.

c) The details of investigations, findings, internal discussions and conclusions shall be recorded in a separate confidential file for each case. Complaints Registry:

a) Confidential registry – all complaints received shall be recorded in a separate confidential registry or in a file with unique reference number, date and time received, mode of receipt, complainant’s name and contact details, and receiving person. The registry shall not contain any details of the person or organization against whom the complaint is being made. The responsible person for the registry is the Project Manager.

b) All complaints (verbal and anonymous) shall be taken into account and registered for further action if the committee finds that these pose potential degree of seriousness.

c) The Registry shall show a brief summary of the logistical steps, with dates, of the investigation process for each complaint and the final outcome for closure of the case.

Step 3: Review and

Complaints Committee: The persons in-charge of the Project Complaints
Handling Committee are:
1. H.E. Ponh Sachak Project Director
2. Mr. Bak Bunna - Member
3. Mr. Huong Sunthan- Member
4. Mr. Muy Monin - Member
5. Mr. Sek Hieng - Member
Note: Any officer/s in the above committee shall be promptly replaced by another member appointed by the Minister of MOWRAM if the complaint received involves such officer/s. Process:
a) The complaints received shall be coursed through a member designated by the Chairperson for compilation and categorization as to:

i) Province wise, and

ii) Subject wise for easy reference and analysis. Subjects could be procurement, resettlement,
environment, gender development or contractors

b) Once every 30 days the committee shall meet to review the complaints received and prepare action plan for investigation.
c) The Committee shall designate a neutral person or team to investigate each complaint.
d) The investigation shall begin immediately. The investigation shall be neutral and done diligently. In cases where the investigations are complex and substantially long, the complainant shall be
notified of progress at two weeks intervals.
e) Accused persons or entities shall be given fair opportunity to present their side of the case/complaint.
f) Investigation results shall be reported to the CHM Committee for final adjudication within 15 days.
Confidentiality shall be maintained at all times during the investigation period and the investigation findings shall not be released beyond the Committee members.

Effectiveness The Complaints and Remedies Mechanism shall take effect upon the
date of its signing, and the Complaints Committee shall effectively
implement the mechanism in its entirety.
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